Lemmy Koopa

Here is what Lemmy looks like in: Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Age: 17 1/2

Birth Date: February 20, 1999

Height: 3’03” (99.06000000000002 cm)

IQ: 70-105

Personality: He loves to play. He is the silliest Koopaling. Despite being the second oldest, he is the smallest, shortest and least mature. He loves to prank with Iggy and hang out with him. He is also the kindest Koopaling. He loves toys and childish things. He is also called: The Clown Prince of Koopas. He is the family clown. He also has a sweet tooth. He also never wants to miss out on a fun party! He is optimistic and forgetful. He is also dumb. He is very childish and likes to pull pranks. He is the most innocent Koopaling. He also seems to have ADHD. He’s very social and has a great sense of humor.

He is a crybaby though. But, he tries to look at the positives. 🙂

Abilities: fire breath, shell spin, splitting into 3

(Official) Mario Kart 8 Bio: The smallest and lightest Koopaling is also the silliest! Lemmy’s quick off the starting line, but is susceptible to getting shoved around by almost everyone else.

Skills: Expert at balancing, expert at juggling

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Likes: circus stuff, parties, sugar, toys, Iggy, being happy, pranking, playing, ice, glitter, unicorns, cute stuff

Dislikes: fire, being sad, Lima beans, broccoli, spicy food, being evil, the dark

Biggest Fear: The Lava Pit

Stats in Super Koopa Brawl (Fan Made) (Not real):

Attack: 3 of 10

Agility: 9 of 10

Speed: 7.5 of 10

Defence: 4 of 10

Type: Agility

Special Move: Ball Bomb


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