Roy Koopa

Here is what he looks like in Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Age: 18

Birth Date: March 27, 1999

Height: 6’07” (200.66000000000003 cm)

IQ: 72-105

Personality: Roy is a jock and loves sports. He likes working out and is a brawler. Even though he has a sensitive side to him, he is a bully. He is very tough, being unafraid to wear pink. He acts cool. He is also somewhat cocky. He likes fighting. Though, when danger brews, he is very protective of his siblings. Despite liking to work out, he can be a slacker. He bullies his siblings and minions, due to that, his minions are afraid of him. (He beats up his minions when he gets angry at them.) He also has a cool side to him. He has a personality combination of a bully and being cool. He also likes protein shakes. He also likes to throw his weight around. He can be calm and collected though. Though, he does have a back story to him. Though, he doesn’t like to show fear or sadness a lot. He is also somewhat dumb. He also is angered kinda easily.

Abilities: can extend arms, fire breath, shell spin, climbing on walls, can carry heavy things, ground pound

(Official) Mario Kart 8 Bio: Roy’s always been the brawler of the Koopalings, and he’s not changed a bit in Mario Kart 8. Unafraid to wear pink and mix it up with other racers, Roy’s more than capable of fighting his way to the lead.

Skills: Super strong, athletic, fighting, sports

Favorite Food: Any Meat

Likes: the color pink, bullying, working out, Ludwig, Morton, being tough, meat, protein, acting cool, sports, fighting, fire, winning, Bowser, punching, fruit, bullet bills

Dislikes: failing, others calling him ‘Pinky’, Lemmy, Larry, Wendy, Iggy, rodents, yoshis, goombas, glitter, unicorns, being annoyed

Biggest Fear: Failing in front of everyone

Mario Olympics (Not Real)

Power: 8.5/10

Speed: 4.2/10

Skill: 4.4/10

Stamina: 9.0/10

Events: Boxing


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