Roy Koopa



Age: 25

Sex: Male

Race: Koopa

Height: 6’11”

Body Type: Solid, Burly, Muscular

Birthday: March 27, 1992

Eye Color: Purple

Favorite Sport: Wrestling

Personality: Brutish, Flirty, Jock, Stable, Cocky

Occupation(s): General, Boxer

Special Abilities: Fire Breath, Shell Spin, Ground Pound, Climbing On Walls, Shockwaves, Super Strength

Favorite Food: Meat


Roy is a jock and likes playing sports like: wrestling, boxing, and football.  He is popular with the ladies, and is considered the Cool One of the Koopalings.  He loves to flex his muscles and work out.  Roy goes to the gym at least 5 times a week.  He is a thug and can be narcissistic.  He is not afraid to wear pink, and likes pink.  Whoever makes fun of that, is beaten to a pulp.  He is the brawler of the Koopalings.  He loves to look cool, and his personality is a combination of being a jock, and being a cool, laid back koopa.  Despite all this, he has a sensitive side.  He is quite strong, and despite his size, he is pretty fast.  He also likes using firearms.



“Excuse me!? ‘Cause this PINK is ’bout to turn ya black and blue!”



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