Ludwig Von Koopa

Here is what he looks like in Paper Mario: Color Splash

Name: Ludwig Von Koopa

Eye Color: Grey

Shell Color: Blue

Shell Size: Medium

Side: Evil

Height: 5’05”

Age: 19

Favorite Colors: Blue

Birth Date: January 9, 1997

Favorite foods: chocolate, meringue

Markings: None

Personality: Very mature and really smart. He is arrogant though. He likes to boast at his siblings. Boasting at Roy has gave him a few nosebleeds. However, he likes to write songs and hack into stuff. He is the smartest Koopa Family member too. He is into scary stuff and likes chocolate. He acts like a usual big brother sometimes though. He know 4 languages: English, German, Russian, and Japanese. He does care about his family members though.

He doesn’t like Bowser Jr. though and Bowser Jr. doesn’t like him.


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