Iggy Koopa

Here is what he looks like in Paper Mario: Color Splash

Age: 16 1/2

Birth Date: May 31, 2000

Height: 5’04” (162.56 cm.)

IQ: 135-170

Eye Color: (I can’t tell. Black or Blue…)

Personality: Iggy is very insane. He is quite smart and likes to hang out with Lemmy. He also likes to take care of animals and likes hanging out with Lemmy. He’s skinny due to being wimpy. He is very smart and insane. He also has a nerdy side to him. His favorite hobbies are reading and inventing. He is very cowardly at times also. He is also a good prankster. He often pranks with Lemmy. He’s never serious similar to Lemmy. He also is a mad scientist, despite that, he’s only the 2nd Smartest. He also is very random and is somewhat insane.

Abilities: climbing on walls, fire breath, shell spin, tornado spin

(Official) Mario Kart 8 Bio: The crazed mechanical Koopaling genius returns with his brothers and sister! Iggy’s solidly in the Medium weight class and is a good match for Mario and Luigi.

Skills: Science, Electronics, is very smart

Favorite Food: Soup

Likes: Animals, science, Lemmy, sugar, nerdy stuff, soda, chain chomps

Dislikes: Meat, bullies, Roy, fighting, horror stuff

Biggest Fear: That Aliens will take over world


Mario Olympics (Not real)

Power: 4.5/10

Speed: 7.3/10

Skill: 6.7/10

Stamina: 4.0/10

Speed Type


Mii dialogue: “Iggy is very crazy… He seems to have a nerdy side to him though.”


Quotes: “Hi, do you want to play a game of archery?”

(Before beating: Archery: Part 1) “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

(If no)”What?! Well, whenever you want to play, I’ll be here.”

(If yes) “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Let’s play!”

(When winning) “HAHAHA!! It may have been a tight match, but I won.”

(When losing) “Nice job. But, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Lemmy is very nice, he’s my BFF!”





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