Koopa Stories 1: Camping Part 1

“Yaaaawn!”said Larry as he woke up. “Wait, where are we?”,said Larry confused.

“It’s okay, we’re just in the woods.”,replied Iggy.

“-And all we have are these marshmallows and hot dogs.”,added Ludwig.   “I wish there were cupcake trees!”,complained Wendy.    “I prefer candy.”,replied Lemmy.

“But…It’s scary here…”,said Bowser Jr. nervously. “Aw…It’s okay son.”,said Bowser.

“Want me to tell a scary story?”,said Roy.  “No. No. No.”,replied Lemmy.

“Yes, yes, yes! Do it!”, replied: Ludwig, Iggy, Larry, Morton, and Bowser.

“I don’t care.”,replied Wendy, not caring. “No, um..yes, maybe…Okay!”,answered Bowser Jr.     “Okay,”said Roy, starting the story.  “There once was a family, just like ours. They were in the woods, then they decided to camp for the night, when…they just started to hear someone whispering:’ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9′. Then they unzipped their tents, and then…nobody was there…then they heard from behind them, the same voice, whispering: ‘10,9,8,’. Then, that is when…they heard someone else whispering: ‘7,6,5’. To be continued…” said Roy.

“At least…that was made up….”,said Lemmy, shaking.

“That gave me the shivers…Good job, Roy! I liked it! 😀 “said Ludwig.”So when is there gonna be part 2?”  “Tomorrow night.”,answered Roy. “Okay kids, just try to get some rest.”,said Bowser, tired. “Um…I’ll t-t-t-try…”,said Larry, shaking. “What if ‘the mystery character’ is gonna get you?…Just joking! XD There’s no way that story is real! 🙂 “,said Ludwig, joking. “Trashcans?”,said Iggy, for no specific reason.

The End!

Click here for Part 2.


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