Koopa Stories 1: Camping Part 2

Tomorrow night…

“Roy, aren’t you gonna tells us part 2 of the creepy story?”,said Larry.

“Hm?”,said Roy, with his mouth full of marshmallow.

“You know, the creepy story you told last night.”,said Ludwig, a bit frustrated.

“Oh yeah.”,said Roy, remembering what they were talking about.

Lemmy responded with: “Just tell us! 😀 ”

“Yeah!”,responded Ludwig.

“Okay,”,said Roy. ”   “Just as they started to go to sleep, they heard someone breathing.

They then told their friend to stop trying to prank them. Then he told them that it wasn’t him. They then went into the woods to see a figure running away were ever they pointed their flashlights. They said: ‘I know your out there, come out, and reveal yourself’.

They thought it was just an animal, and went back to the camp. They all had the same nightmare were a guy with a creepy mask was staring down at them. Then they all woke up to see that it was real….The End!”,said Roy.

“Hopefully that wasn’t a true story…”,said Bowser Jr.
“It’s okay son, it isn’t.”,said Bowser.

The End!

Part 3 will come soon!


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