Frenzy06 Needs Help…

Iggy was typing with a friend (Frenzy06) online (on his computer), and he told Iggy in text: ‘You need to come over here ASAP!’ Iggy was confused and slightly nervous. He forgot where his friend lived, so, he told him in text: ‘Where is your place again?’. Frenzy06 sent him a text saying: ‘Help! Iggy, I’m scared…>o< and I live 3 houses next to your home! Just hurry!’.

Iggy hurried over too his Frenzy06’s house until, he heard the ‘new message’ sound.

He went over to his computer and saw that his texts changed from scared to feeling safe.

The text said: ‘I’m fine, Iggy. Never mind about me being nervous.’

Iggy texted: ‘Send me a picture, just to make sure you’re safe.’

Then Frenzy06 just sent a picture of a mask.

Then, his ‘friend’ went offline. But, before that, he did this text: ‘I’m okay, just look in my closet.’. He went to Frenzy06’s house and to his closet, only to find this note: ‘Frenzy06 is typing…’.



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