Koopalings’ music opinions

Bowser Jr.: He usually prefers Pop or Jazz depending on his mood. For him, Rock and Heavy Metal is too loud, Classical is just meh, Rap is too fast, and Blues is just sad. He likes Pop when he’s happy, energetic, or feeling cute, and he likes Jazz when he’s calm, or relaxed.

Larry: Larry likes Pop, Techno and 8-Bit. He prefers electronic songs that have fast, happy beats and singing. For him, Classical makes him bored, Rock and Heavy Metal he likes okay, and he thinks Country is meh.

Morton: He likes Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Rap. He doesn’t really like Jazz because he thinks it’s too boring. For him, he thinks Classical is um…, and he thinks 8-Bit is too well, 8-Bit.

Wendy: She prefers Punk and Pop music. She thinks Jazz is okay, Classical is okay, 8-Bit she likes, Rap she doesn’t mind, and Techno she likes.

Iggy: He’s just all over the place. He mostly likes Techno and 8-Bit though. For him, Rock is too loud, he likes Punk okay, Classical he thinks is okay, and he thinks Rap is just not his type.

Roy: Roy likes Rock music and sometimes Jazz. He likes mostly Rock and usually likes really loud music. When he’s feeling calm or relaxed, he likes Jazz. For him, he doesn’t like Classical, Pop he likes okay, and Heavy Metal he likes.

Lemmy: He surprisingly, likes Heavy Metal, not so surprisingly, he likes Nursery Rhymes and other Children’s songs. He also likes Circus music. For him, Classical is pretty good, Jazz he thinks is meh, Pop he likes, Techno he likes okay, and Rock he likes okay.

Ludwig: He likes Classical and Opera unlike most of his siblings. He likes more mature music and likes playing the piano. For him, Rock and Heavy Metal is too loud, Jazz he likes okay, Techno he likes okay. He likes most music.


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