Who is the most powerful Koopaling?

Here is my opinion on the most Powerful to Least Powerful Koopaling.

First, I’m gonna do descriptions of them.

Ludwig: He is prodigy and is very smart. Along with that, he has all the abilities of his brothers and sister, and his own abilities: levitating, and electricity. Also, his wand is the strongest.

Lemmy: Dim-Witted and weak. But, he can split into 3 and is awesome at balancing. And his wand power is pretty good.

Roy: He may actually not be that dumb. Along with that, he is super strong. His wand power is pretty okay.

Iggy: He is fast and weak. His wand power is good. (Being crazy doesn’t make him powerful.)

Wendy: Her wand power is really, really, good. She is also skilled and graceful.

Morton: The only positive is he’s super strong. Because he’s really dumb and his wand power is mediocre.

Larry: His wand power is very mediocre (probably the weakest wand). He’s pretty smart.

Also in sports games, he has less power than: Roy, Morton, Wendy, Ludwig, and Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr.: He is very good with mechanics. Though, without them, he’s not much of a threat.

My List:

  1. Ludwig- Smart and has a lot of abilities.
  2. Wendy- Skilled and Graceful.
  3. Roy- Big and Super Strong, and not that dumb. He also does the strongest ground pounds.
  4. Bowser Jr.- With mechanics, he’s a threat, but without them, he’s not much of a threat.
  5. Morton- Biggest and Super Strong, but dumb.
  6. Iggy- Smart, but weak.
  7. Lemmy- Good at balancing.
  8. Larry- Easiest boss ever.




Can split into 3:





Can Tornado Spin:





Can Ground Pound:




Bowser Jr.


There’s my opinion! 🙂   What’s yours?


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