Gasone Koopa

Age: 500,000,000,000

Element: Gas

Eye Color: Orange

Personality: He is crazy! His hobby is playing. He tends to act very crazy. He likes to recycle and make new things though. His favorite place is the park. His favorite part of the park is the slides. Despite him being crazy, he’s the smartest of his siblings. He likes to pull pranks. He almost never stops telling jokes and being silly!

Skills: Inventing, balancing

Bio: The genius of his siblings! He loves to pull pranks and tell jokes! He doesn’t like to stay still though.

Favorite Food: Sugar

Siblings: Plasem, Liquina, Soliod

Stats in Super Koopa Brawl (Fan made game) (Not real):

Attack: 4 of 10

Agility: 6 of 10

Speed: 7.5 of 10

Skill: 8 of 10

Stamina: 5 of 10

Defence: 3.2 of 10

Type: Skill

Special Move: Gas Explosion


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