Would you Rather?

  1. Would you rather eat Wendy’s cooking or a chumburger?

A. Wendy’s cooking

B. Chumburger



2. Would you rather live in Desert Land or Ice Land?

A.Desert Land

B. Ice Land



3. Would you rather be ugly or dumb?

A. Ugly

B. Dumb



4. Would you rather have 15 paper cuts, or get beaten up by Roy?

A. 15 paper cuts

B. Get beaten up by Roy




5. Would you rather eat curry or hot sauce?

A. Hot Sauce (Oh really? I:)

B. Curry (Wow! :O)





6. Would you rather have the flu or a headache for a week?

A. Flu  (Painful..)

B. Headache for a Week (Ouch… 😦 )




7. Would you rather have a cheeseburger or pizza?

A. Cheeseburger (That sounds good. 🙂 )

B. Pizza (Yummy! 😀 )




8. Would you rather sit a a cactus or spikes?

A. Cactus (Thorny.)

B. Spikes (That’s got to hurt…)




9. Would you rather eat spinach or brussel sprouts?

A. Spinach (Okay.)

B. Brussel Sprouts (Interesting…)




10. Would you rather have jelly beans or gushers?

A. Jelly Beans (Mmm…)

B. Gushers (That sounds juicy. 🙂 )



11. Would rather have:

A. Mind Powers

B. Flying Powers


12. Would you rather be:

A. Pretty

B. Smart



Which ones did you pick? Tell me in the comments below. Bye! 😀


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