Age: 7,000,399,999

Element: Light

Eye Color: Electric Blue

Height: 1’08”

IQ: 110-175

Type: Legendary/Mythical

Gender: Female

Personality: She is very optimistic. She tries to make her brother (who is the element of darkness) be happy. She is very social and loves her brother. She is very well behaved, and very obedient. She always tries her best to look at the positives. Her best friend is Lemmy. She likes to have tea parties and play with dolls. She loves to hang out with friends and family. She is very social. She is very outgoing. She likes anything happy and wacky, the opposite of her brother. She seems to be pretty smart. She always is very happy. She has gained nicknames like: “Positive Pants”, and “Happy Koopa”.

Mario Olympics (Not Real)

Power: 4.0/10

Speed: 9.5/10

Skill: 8.5/10

Stamina: 5.0/10

Speed Type

Events: Soccer

Description: She is very nice and outgoing. She is known for having the sweetest personality.

Mii Dialogue: “Lightnosous is very optimistic and social. She seems to be very nice, why don’t you talk to her?”

Quotes: “The name’s Lightnosous, do you want to play a game of Soccer with me?”

(If no)”No? Well okay. Whenever you want to play with me, I’ll be right here!”

(If yes)”Let’s get this party started!”

(Before beating: Soccer: Part 1) “Beat Part 1, and then, let’s have some fun!”

“My brother needs to cheer up, I wish he could be happy.”

(When losing) “Nice job! Whenever you want to see me, I’ll be right here!”

(When winning) “I may have won, but you can still try again!”

“Remember, the glass is always half full!”


“I dunno…”

Family: Darknonous (Brother)



(Note: This character is now outdated. Take a look at this post: Link)


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