Age: 7,000,400,001

Element: Darkness

Eye Color: Dark Violet

Height: 5’09”

IQ: 115-175

Type: Legendary/Mythical

Gender: Male

Personality: He has an extremely dark, cynical personality. He is a loner koopa. His sister wants to make him happy. He is also views the world in a dark, cynical way. Whenever he actually feels anything, he is either sad or mad. He has a mysterious and dark feeling to him. Ever since he was 1,010,004 years old, he became the way he is now. He likes anything dark and mysterious, the opposite of his sister. He is very mysterious… And he has no friends and doesn’t want any. Everyone seems to be creeped out by him. He is actually pretty smart. He prefers to be alone, and is usually sad or angry. He sometimes doesn’t feel any emotion at all.

Mario Olympics (Not Real)

Power: 8.7/10

Speed: 4.0/10

Skill: 8.5/10

Stamina: 5.0/10

Events: Bowling

Description: He has very dark personality. He has this dark and mysterious feeling to him…

Mii Dialogue: “I don’t trust Darknonous. He seems pretty mysterious to me…”

Quotes: “Why do you want to play with ME?”

(If no)”I thought so.”

(If yes)”Fine.”

(Before beating: Bowling: Part 1)”Go away, nobody likes me …”

(When losing) “How’d you do that?!”

(When Winning) “You need more strength if you wanna beat me.”




“Nobody will be my friend…my only friend used to be my sister…”

Family: Lightnosous (Sister)





(Note: This character is kinda outdated now. Come see the new version: Link)


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