Inteligencia Koops

Full Name: Inteligencia Thomas Koops

Age: 28

Height: 5’02”

Weight: 475.2 lbs.

Eye Color: Golden Yellow

Birth Date: January 19, 1989

IQ: 7,000

Fun Fact: His first name is Intelligence in Spanish.

He has extreme intelligence, with an IQ of 7,000. He is quite serious and talks in a smart way. He is very serious. He has hobbies like reading, learning, and science. When he was born, he was able to say “Mamma” and “Daddy”.  By the time he was 1 month old, he could walk. And when he was 3, he was in 10th grade. He graduated school when he was 7. When he was 12, he earned the title: “Genius Kid”.  As he grew older, he got more nicknames like: “Smartypants”, and “Extraordinary Prodigy”.  He is the brains of his brothers. When he was 15, he lost his parents and became an orphan along with his 2 younger brothers. Scientists suggest that his IQ is 10,000. His intelligence was over the charts when he was 5 (And still is)! His parents named him what he’s named due to his extraordinary intelligence. He can speak 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Egyptian, Turkish, Dutch, and Italian and thousands of others. He is also very fancy, and has good table manners. He also seems to be caring for his brothers. Others describe him as mysterious and smart. He can memorize things perfectly for over 15 Years.


Abilities: Super Intelligence, Mind Powers

Family: (Unknown Parents), Fuerza (Brother), Velocidad (Brother)


Super Smash Mario

(Note: this game is not real.)

Rating: *****

HP: 15000

Power: 1200

DEF: 1300

Skill: 35000

Evasion: 1400

Ability: 20000

Special Attack: Mind Shock



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