Inteligencia Koops

Full Name: Inteligencia Thomas Koops

Age: 28

Height: 5’02”

Weight: 475.2 lbs.

Eye Color: Golden Yellow

Birth Date: January 19, 1989

IQ: 7,000

Fun Fact: His first name is Intelligence in Spanish.

Info: He has extreme intelligence, with an IQ of 7,000. He is quite serious and talks in a smart way. He is very serious. He has hobbies like reading, learning, and science. When he was born, he was able to say “Mamma” and “Daddy”.  By the time he was 1 month old, he could walk. And when he was 3, he was in 10th grade. He graduated school when he was 8. When he was 12, he earned the title: “Genius Kid”.  As he grew older, he got more nicknames like: “Smartypants”, and “Extraordinary Prodigy”.  He is the brains of his brothers. When he was 15, he lost his parents and became an orphan along with his 2 younger brothers. Scientists suggest that his IQ is 10,000. His intelligence was over the charts when he was 5 (And still is)! His parents named him what he’s named due to his extraordinary intelligence. He can speak 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Egyptian, Turkish, Dutch, and Italian. And is still practicing other languages. He is also very fancy, and has good table manners. He also seems to be caring for his brothers. Others describe him as mysterious and smart. He can memorize things perfectly for over 10 Years.

Mario Olympics (Not Real)

Speed: 4.8/10

Power: 3.7/10

Skill: 9.5/10

Stamina: 7.2/10

Events: Soccer



Abilities: Super Intelligence, Mind Powers

Family: (Unknown Parents), Fuerza (Brother), Velocidad (Brother)


Skills: Mechanics, hacking, reading, (pretty much anything that requires high intelligence)


Super Smash Bros. 5 (Fake)

Unlockable Character

Ranking: A (12th)

HP: 1500

Strength: 1000

Defense: 1400

Speed: 1000

Ability: 2150





Mario Olympics

Koopa Comics

Mario and Luigi: Dimension Adventures

Super Smash Bros. 5




Koopalings and My Little Pony

I’m gonna compare the Koopalings and characters from My Little Pony.




Ludwig- Twilight Sparkle

They are both smart and like reading books.


Lemmy- Pinkie Pie

They are both happy and childish. AND they both like parties and FUN!


Roy- Rainbow Dash

They both are cocky and competitive. They just both have a similar personality. And are both physically strong.


Iggy- Fluttershy

They both like animals. (That is all.)


Wendy- Rarity

They are both girly and overdramatic.



Morton- AppleJack

They are both physically strong.


Larry- Spike

(Roy just fits Rainbow Dash better.)


Bowser Jr.- Diamond Tiara

They are both spoiled.


Age: 7,000,400,001

Element: Darkness

Eye Color: Dark Violet

Height: 5’09”

IQ: 115-175

Type: Legendary/Mythical

Gender: Male

Personality: He has an extremely dark, cynical personality. He is a loner koopa. His sister wants to make him happy. He is also views the world in a dark, cynical way. Whenever he actually feels anything, he is either sad or mad. He has a mysterious and dark feeling to him. Ever since he was 1,010,004 years old, he became the way he is now. He likes anything dark and mysterious, the opposite of his sister. He is very mysterious… And he has no friends and doesn’t want any. Everyone seems to be creeped out by him. He is actually pretty smart. He prefers to be alone, and is usually sad or angry. He sometimes doesn’t feel any emotion at all.

Mario Olympics (Not Real)

Power: 8.7/10

Speed: 4.0/10

Skill: 8.5/10

Stamina: 5.0/10

Events: Bowling

Description: He has very dark personality. He has this dark and mysterious feeling to him…

Mii Dialogue: “I don’t trust Darknonous. He seems pretty mysterious to me…”

Quotes: “Why do you want to play with ME?”

(If no)”I thought so.”

(If yes)”Fine.”

(Before beating: Bowling: Part 1)”Go away, nobody likes me …”

(When losing) “How’d you do that?!”

(When Winning) “You need more strength if you wanna beat me.”




“Nobody will be my friend…my only friend used to be my sister…”

Family: Lightnosous (Sister)


Age: 7,000,399,999

Element: Light

Eye Color: Electric Blue

Height: 1’08”

IQ: 110-175

Type: Legendary/Mythical

Gender: Female

Personality: She is very optimistic. She tries to make her brother (who is the element of darkness) be happy. She is very social and loves her brother. She is very well behaved, and very obedient. She always tries her best to look at the positives. Her best friend is Lemmy. She likes to have tea parties and play with dolls. She loves to hang out with friends and family. She is very social. She is very outgoing. She likes anything happy and wacky, the opposite of her brother. She seems to be pretty smart. She always is very happy. She has gained nicknames like: “Positive Pants”, and “Happy Koopa”.

Mario Olympics (Not Real)

Power: 4.0/10

Speed: 9.5/10

Skill: 8.5/10

Stamina: 5.0/10

Speed Type

Events: Soccer

Description: She is very nice and outgoing. She is known for having the sweetest personality.

Mii Dialogue: “Lightnosous is very optimistic and social. She seems to be very nice, why don’t you talk to her?”

Quotes: “The name’s Lightnosous, do you want to play a game of Soccer with me?”

(If no)”No? Well okay. Whenever you want to play with me, I’ll be right here!”

(If yes)”Let’s get this party started!”

(Before beating: Soccer: Part 1) “Beat Part 1, and then, let’s have some fun!”

“My brother needs to cheer up, I wish he could be happy.”

(When losing) “Nice job! Whenever you want to see me, I’ll be right here!”

(When winning) “I may have won, but you can still try again!”

“Remember, the glass is always half full!”


“I dunno…”

Family: Darknonous (Brother)

Koopa Randomness Episode 3: Leedleleedleleedlelee!

Mini: The Computer

(The person who owns this computer searches for memes. XD XD XD )

(Computer purposely makes an error on the computer that says: Error: No Error)

Person who owns the computer (I’ll just call him person): ? (clicks the x on the error)

(Another error pops up that says: Error: Get the heck out of here!)

Person: (Clicks on the x on the error.)

(Error pops up)

(Error: Error)

Person: (clicks on the-you get point.)

(Error pops up)

(Error: An error just here to annoy you.)

(Computer explodes)

(Now just Koopa Randomness)

(P.S: This is not to be taken seriously.)



Iggy: Oh no!…….Giant flying sheep! O:

Ludwig: Iggy, those are clouds. -_-

Iggy: NOOOOO!!!



Bowser Jr.: Daddy, I’m hungry.

Bowser: Hi, hungry, I’m Dad!

Bowser Jr.: WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!



Bowser: Son, don’t touch that cactus.

(Lemmy walks over to cactus and touches it)

Bowser: LEMMY!




Roy: I’m going to punch your face……in the face….

Larry: Noooooooooooooo!!!

(Roy punches Larry’s face in the face)



Wendy: Hey Dad, look at my new necklace!

Bowser: Wendy, that is a necklace……………………………………………………………..with a bomb on it.




Mario: I never fail!

(falls into a pit)


Game Over



Koopa Troopa 1: I made a pie!

Koopa Troopa 2: Oh boy, what flavor?

Koopa Troopa 1: Pie flavor!





2 hours later…

(still farting)

3 hours later…

(STILL farting)

1 week later…

(STILL farting)

2,000 years later…


So long that the narrator got tired and had to hire a new one…

(farting STILL) Shut up! (farting stops) (crickets chirping)……………………………………………(fart)





Morton: Blah blah blah blah blah….(and so on.)

2 Hours Later…

Morton: Blah blah blah blah blah blah….

1 week later…

Morton: Blah blah blah blah blah….

1 Month Later…

Morton: Blah blah blah blah…

So long that the Narrator got tired and had to hire a new one…

Morton: BLAH (Morton Thinking: Notice me!!!! D:< ) blah blah blah blah…

Everyone Else (except Lemmy and Iggy): SHUT UP!!!

(crickets chirping)


Episode 4 is coming soon.

Which Koopaling are you? (Another Version)

  1. Which Animal is your favorite?

A. Raccoon

B. Fox

C. Snake

D. Butterfly

E. Dogs

F. Crocodile

G. Anthing cute!!! :3

H. Dolphins


2. When life gives you lemons…

A/B/C/G/E: Make some lemonade!

F/D: Squirt them in life’s face!

H. That makes no sense.


3. Shopping at the mall?

A. Only if it’s for art supplies.

B. Noooo!!!

C. Only for the food…Nom nom nom!

D. I’d love to!!!! 😀

E. Only if it’s for stuff I need for my invention….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

F. No, I hate the mall!

G. Um…Sure…I guess so.

H. Hm…I dunno.


4. Favorite Sports?

A. Bowling, Equestrian

B. Tennis, Equestrian, Baseball, Bowling

C. Wrestling, Hockey, Football

D. Only if it’s Swimming.

E. I don’t play sports.

F. Boxing, Football, Wrestling, Volleyball

G. Is Circus a sport?

H. Probably Table Tennis.


5. Which accessory?

A. Paint Brush

B. Mohawk

C. Spike Bracelets

D. Bow

E. Glasses

F. Sunglasses

G. Ball

H. Wand



6. Which Loud House Character is most like you?

A. Lily

B. Lincoln

C. Luna

D. Lola

E. Luan

F. Lynn

G. Leni

H. Lisa

I. I don’t know.



7. Which My Little Pony Character is most like you?

A. Diamond Tiara

B. Spike

C. AppleJack

D. Rarity

E. Fluttershy

F. Rainbow Dash

G. Pinkie Pie

H. Twilight Sparkle

I. I don’t know.



8. What do you do before you battle Mario?

A. Test my machines.

B. Talk myself into being confident.

C. Eat Food

D. Polish my jewelry.

E. Build a machine, or bring my pet chain chomp, Chompy.

F. Work Out

G. Practice my balance.

H. Plan



9. What’s your favorite food (out of all of these)?

A. Cookies

B. Waffles

C. Cake

D. Cupcakes

E. Soup

F. Meat

G. Candy

H. Chocolate


10. Which (positive) Word fits you most?

A. Creative

B. Resourceful

C. Honest

D. Stylish

E. Understanding

F. Protective

G. Silly

H. Mature

11. Pick an element.

A. Air

B. I dunno.

C. Earth

D. Water

E. Plant

F. Fire

G. Ice

H. Electricity

12. Which (negative) word fits you most?

A. Bratty

B. Sly

C. Grouchy

D. Greedy

E. Insane

F. Mean

G. Naive

H. Arrogant

I. None


13. Are you happy?

A. Yes

B. I’m just fine! 🙂

C. I’m fine right now…I guess.

D. Well, I have my makeup, so…yeah.


F. I guess so…

G. Of coarse I am!!! 😀

H. I’m not sad or angry, but I’m feeling very mature.

I. No


14. Are you smart?

A. Yes

B. Yeah.

C. Um…No.

D. I’m average.

E. Yeah, of coarse!

F. No

G. No, I don’t think so…Am I?

H. Yes! I’m very smart!



15. Are you strong?

A. I guess so…

B. I’m average, really.

C. Yes!

D. I don’t know. I guess I am? Am I?

E. No, I’m wimpy.

F. Of coarse I am!

G. No, I’m not.

H. Hm…I guess so, but, I’m more serious than strong.



16. What is 15+2?

A. It’s, of coarse, 17.

B. 17

C. Um…24!

D. Don’t you know 15+2=17?


F. Um….25?

G. Fun!

H. It’s 17. Isn’t that obvious?



17. Leedle leedle leedle leedle lee!

A. (chuckles)

B. …

C. Leedle leedle lee!

D. Um….What?

E. That’s what I was thinking! 😀

F. (giggles quietly)

G. (guffaws)

H. Are you making a joke about Spongebob?



18. The quiz is almost done! 😀

A. Okay!

B. Are you gonna pay me for this?

C. Oh okay.

D. Well, okay.


F. Whatever.

G. Leedle lee!

H. Okay.

19. Is this the Krusty Krab?

A. Nope.

B. I’ll say yes if you pay me.

C. No, this is (your name here).

D. No, because I’m pretty.

E. No…this…is…SPARTA!!! (Me: Okay…)

F. NO!

G. Spongebob!

H. No.



20. Are you short, average, or tall?

A, B, G: Short

D, H: Average

E, F, C: Tall



21. What’s your favorite part of school?

A. Art

B. Reading

C. Lunch! (Nom nom nom!)

D. When I get to sing. I love to sing!

E. Science! Science is fun!

F. Gym (P.E)

G. Recess! I love the playground!

H. Music

I. When it’s over.



22. Choose a group of Hobbies:

A. Drawing, Mischief, Pranking

B. Spying, Video Games, Sports

C. Eating, Sleeping, Talking, Wrestling

D. Shopping, Singing, reading

E. Inventing, Pranking, Science

F. Working Out, Sports, Bullying, pranking

G. Playing, Circus, juggling, pranking

H. Music, Inventing, Reading



23. It’s done! Good Bye! What did you think of the quiz?

A. Pretty Good

B. Good

C. Okay

D. Bad


F. Meh

G. Excellent

H. 5 of 10

If you answered mostly A, you’re Bowser Jr.

You are spoiled and bratty. But you are also creative and loyal to your Dad.

You’re also lazy at times. You are also curious.

If you answered mostly B, you’re Larry.

You’re greedy and sly. But, also like sports and video games. And you can be energetic at times.

If you answered mostly C, you’re Morton.

You love food. You’re also grouchy and stubborn. You like to eat and sleep. That’s why is New Super Mario Bros. 2, he barely moves.

If you answered mostly D, you’re Wendy.

You’re girly and stylish. You’re also greedy and think you’re pretty. You enjoy stuff like shopping, singing, and reading.

If you answered mostly E, you’re Iggy.

You’re insane, yet a genius. He is also nerdy and likes science and inventing. You also like pranking.

If you answered mostly F, you’re Roy.

You’re tough and mean. You like sports and working out. You’re also a bully. Despite this, you are very protective and caring of your siblings when danger brews.

If you answered mostly G, you’re Lemmy.

You’re silly, yet nice. You love anything fun! You like to prank. You love anything having to do with the circus.

If you answered mostly H, you’re Ludwig.

You are arrogant and intelligent. You are mature and enjoy music. You like to compose symphonies and read books. Sometimes he likes to do science. You are very logical, yet you are creative when it comes to music and art.


Which one are you? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

Would you Rather?

  1. Would you rather eat Wendy’s cooking or a chumburger?

A. Wendy’s cooking

B. Chumburger



2. Would you rather live in Desert Land or Ice Land?

A.Desert Land

B. Ice Land



3. Would you rather be ugly or dumb?

A. Ugly

B. Dumb



4. Would you rather have 15 paper cuts, or get beaten up by Roy?

A. 15 paper cuts

B. Get beaten up by Roy




5. Would you rather eat curry or hot sauce?

A. Hot Sauce (Oh really? I:)

B. Curry (Wow! :O)





6. Would you rather have the flu or a headache for a week?

A. Flu  (Painful..)

B. Headache for a Week (Ouch… 😦 )




7. Would you rather have a cheeseburger or pizza?

A. Cheeseburger (That sounds good. 🙂 )

B. Pizza (Yummy! 😀 )




8. Would you rather sit a a cactus or spikes?

A. Cactus (Thorny.)

B. Spikes (That’s got to hurt…)




9. Would you rather eat spinach or brussel sprouts?

A. Spinach (Okay.)

B. Brussel Sprouts (Interesting…)




10. Would you rather have jelly beans or gushers?

A. Jelly Beans (Mmm…)

B. Gushers (That sounds juicy. 🙂 )



11. Would rather have:

A. Mind Powers

B. Flying Powers


12. Would you rather be:

A. Pretty

B. Smart



Which ones did you pick? Tell me in the comments below. Bye! 😀