Which Elemental Koopa are you? (Nature)

Directions: Write down how many times you get each letter. That will lead you to your answer.


  1. Choose a color.

A. Blue

B. Red

C. Purple

D. Green


2. Pick a mythical creature.

A. Mermaid

B. Dragon

C. Pegasus

D. Gnome


3. Which Element is your favorite?

A. Water

B. Fire

C. Air

D. Earth


4. Choose a Weapon

A. Wand

B. Sword

C. Bow and Arrow

D. Axe


5. Which time of day is your favorite?

A. Dusk

B. Noon

C. Dawn

D. Midnight


6. Which one of these lists of traits fits you most?

A. Emotional, refreshing, calm, introvert, nurturing, private, empathetic, wise, moody, flowing, mysterious, kind, careful, gentle, manipulative

B. Assertive, intense, direct, energetic, tough, hot-headed, defiant, decisive, freedom-lover, extrovert, charming, loud, passionate, confident, courageous, enthusiastic, fun, impulsive, takes control

C. Social, silly, intelligent, weird, indecisive, fluctuating, mental, unpredictable, flexible, imaginative, unrealistic, creative, fast-talking, dreamer

D. Physical, practical, strong, goal-oriented, organized, rigid, realistic, materialistic, stable, planner, strong, logical, judgemental, reliable, laid back


6. Choose a Group of Animals

A. Crab, Fish, Dolphin, Otter

B. Ram, Lion, Fox, Tiger

C. Birds, Fly, Bat, Butterfly

D. Bull, Goat, Horse, Dog


7. Choose a Stone

A. Lapis Lazuli

B. Ruby

C. Fluorite

D. Emerald


8. Do you follow a routine?

A. Hm…That depends.

B. Maybe?

C. No, I don’t

D. Yes, I follow it every day.


9. What would you do if someone insulted you and didn’t apologize?

A. Start to cry.

B. Yell at them until they back down.

C. Forget about it, I’m flexible.

D. Calm down, and take responsibility.


10. Are you short-tempered?

A. Nope.

B. Yeah.

C. Sometimes.

D. Nah, I’m laid back. But I am stubborn.


11. Pick an instrument.

A. Violin

B. Rock Guitar

C. Harp

D. Drums


12. Which season do you prefer?

A. Winter

B. Summer

C. Autumn

D. Spring


13. Your friend says “Hi!”. You say:

A. “Uh..Hi.”, shyly.

B. “Sup.”

C. “Hello!”

D. “Hi!”


14. Party?

A. Uh…sure. But only if I don’t have to talk to anyone.

B. Yeah! DUH! I’d love it!

C. Yes. I love talking to friends.

D. Sure. But only if I get to plan it.


15. What is your strongest trait?

A. Love

B. Energy

C. My social abilities.

D. Strength


16. Choose a Food.

A. Crab

B. Marshmallow

C. Cotton Candy

D. Fruit Salad


17. Which drink is your choice?

A. Water. Duh.

B. Hot Chocolate. I’ll keep me warm.

C. Milk. My favorite!

D. Herbal Tea. Delicious!


18. What are your hobbies?

A. Swimming, Art, Jet Skis

B. Sports, Racing, Parties, Anything with Some Action

C. Reading, Shopping, Games, Hanging Out with my Friends

D. Gardening, Baking, Listening to Music, Planning


19. Pick an Extreme Sport

A. Jet Skis

B. Extreme Motorsport

C. Wingsuit Skydiving

D. Sandboarding


20. How many friends do you have?

A. A few.

B. A lot! 🙂

C. About 10.

D. Some. Around 6 or 7.

E. I have no friends. 😦    (Me: Sorry about that… 😦  )


21. This is the end of the quiz, did you like it?

A. It was pretty nice.

B. It was fun!

C. Good!

D. Meh.

E. 😡



Mostly A’s:

You’re Suikun of Water!

You’re nervous and empathetic.  You are known for being very comforting and gentle.  You love to swim (of course).  However you are moody and can be overly sensitive.  You’re used as a symbol of: Water, Love, and Emotion.  You are mainly known for being the Koopa of Water.

Associations: Water, Love, Winter, Emotion, Sea, Ice, Moon, Blue

Word: Emotional

Habitat: Water Cave

Weakness: Earth

Strong Against: Fire


Mostly B’s:

You’re Katei of Fire!

You’re energetic and assertive.  You are known for being very energetic and courageous. You are an extrovert and love attention.  However you are a defiant and a hot-head. You are used as a symbol of: Fire, Passion, and Anger.  You’re mainly known for being the Koopa of Fire.

Associations: Fire, Passion, Anger, Summer, Lava, Lightning, Sun, Red

Word: Forceful

Habitat: Fire Volcano

Weakness: Water

Strong Against: Air


Mostly C’s

You’re Fuosu of Air!

You’re intelligent and talkative.  You are known for being very social, yet weird. You love to hang out with friends.  However you are very unrealistic and indecisive.  You are used as a symbol of: Air, Communication, and Intellect.  You’re mainly known for being the Koopa of Air.

Associations: Air, Communication, Intellect, Tornadoes, Wind, Sky, Autumn, Purple

Word: Talkative

Habitat: Air Cliff

Weakness: Fire

Strong Against: Earth


Mostly D’s

You’re Tschkun of Earth!

You’re chill and organized.  You are known for being a good planner and gardener. You enjoy baking and gardening.  However you are rigid and very judgemental.  You are used as a symbol of: Earth, Stability, and Strength.  You’re mainly known for being the Koopa of Earth.

Associations: Earth, Stability, Strength, Plants, Rocks, the Ground, Spring, Green

Word: Practical

Habitat: Earth Mountain

Weakness: Air

Strong Against: Water







Which Elemental Koopa were you? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂










The Elements

The Elements have been around for 1,000,000,000,000 years in the Mushroom Kingdom. They all have a certain color to represent each of them: Blue (Water), Green (Earth), Red (Fire), Grey (Air), Black (Darkness), and Yellow (Light). Some creatures in the Mushroom Kingdom are able to control one of the Elements. There are two types of elements: Nature, and Sides.


Water: Associated With: Love, Emotion, Gentleness, Blue, Winter, Moon, and Rain.

Strong Against: Fire

Weakness: Earth


Earth: Associated With: Strength, Stability, Spring, Green, Rocks, and Plants.

Strong Against: Water

Weakness: Air


Fire: Associated With: Courage, Passion, Red, Summer, Anger, Joy, Heat, Sun, and Lava.

Strong Against: Air

Weakness: Water

Air: Associated With: Intelligence, Gray, Autumn, Faith, Tornadoes, and Wind.

Strong Against: Earth

Weakness: Fire



Darkness: Associated With: Evilness, Black, Night, Poison, Moon, Death, and Creepiness.

Strong Against: Light

Weakness: Light


Light: Associated With: Kindness, Yellow, Day, Happiness, Sun, Life, and Healing.

Strong Against: Darkness

Weakness: Darkness



Weaknesses and Strengths Explained:

Water puts out Fire.

Earth absorbs Water.

Air erodes Earth.

Fire burns Air.


Light consumes Darkness.

Darkness consumes Light.




Koopalings Associated With the Elements.

Water: Wendy O. Koopa

Earth: Morton Koopa Jr.

Fire: Roy Koopa

Air: Bowser Koopa Jr.

Light: Lemmy Koopa

Darkness: None



Average Stats:


Strength: Average

Intelligence: Medium High

Speed: Average

Ability Power: Medium High

Stamina: Average



Strength: High

Intelligence: Medium

Speed: Low

Ability Power: Medium High

Stamina: High Average




Strength: Medium High

Intelligence: Average

Speed: Medium High

Ability Power: Medium High

Stamina: Low Average



Strength: Medium Low

Intelligence: High

Speed: High Average

Ability Power: Medium High

Stamina: Medium High



Strength: Medium High

Intelligence: Medium High

Speed: Low Average

Ability Power: High

Stamina: Average



Strength: Low

Intelligence: Medium High

Speed: High

Ability Power: High

Stamina: Medium Low




Koopas of the Elements:

Suikun- Water

Tschkun- Earth

Katei– Fire

Fuosu- Air

Yumisuta– Darkness

Hikaosu– Light



Elemental Abilities (Examples):

Water: Tsunami, Rain, Water Balls, Ice, and Whirlpools.

Earth: Vines, Flowers, Rocks, Digging, Mud Balls, and Rock Walls.

Fire: Fire Breath, Lava Balls, Lightning, Fire Balls, and Fire Tornado.

Air: Gust, Wind, Tornadoes, Strong Winds, Clouds, Fog, and Flying.

Darkness: Poison, Pitch Darkness, Darkness Balls, Dark Beam, and Black Hole.

Light: Healing, Bright Lights, Light Beam, Sun Light, and Love.
















Age: 5,600,060,003

Name Origin: Ka- Means “Fire” in Japanese.  Kotei- Means “Emperor” in Japanese.\

Height: 7’11”

Element: Fire

Fun Fact: He originally was going to have sunglasses, and no fire hair or tail.

Species: Firka (75% Fire, 25% Koopa)

Associations: Fire, Lightning, Heat, Passion, Desire, Summer, Sun, Courage

Info: His Fire can reach up to 1,000,000 degrees fahrenheit (555537.778 celsius).  Enthusiastic and courageous, he has quite the attitude.  He can be quite creative, and is feisty.  He loves to have fun and loves to socialize.  He is also passionate.  Though, he is quite short tempered.  He sometimes does stuff without thinking and loves to explore.  He is full of energy.  He is very determined.  He is a good leader, and is fiery.  He is one of the most skilled with is element. He is associated with: fire, anger, passion, the summer, and lava.  He is impulsive, but bold.  He is very risk-taking and confident.  He is competitive, assertive, daring, a visionary, direct, and blunt.  He is also really loud.  He lives in a volcano.  Throughout history in the Mushroom Kingdom, he was used as a symbol of Fire, heat, and energy.  He is the guardian of the Fire islands: Volcanic Village, and   His known relatives are: Yumisuta, Hikaosu, Suikun, Tschkun, and Fuosu.


Strength: 7/10

Intelligence: 5/10

Speed: 8/10

Ability Power: 9/10

Stamina: 4/10


Quotes: “Awesome!!!”- Katei after seeing how strong Tschkun is.

“Where’s the fun?! C’mon! Let’s partaaay!!!”-Katei at a fancy party.

“You guys are nooo fun.”-Katei talking to Suikun and Tschkun.

“C’mon Yumisuta! Stop being a party pooper!”-Katei annoyed at Yumisuta.

“AGAIN!?”- Katei annoyed by watching: MLP:FIM.

“SHUT UP!!!!!”- Katei shouting at Lemmy to shut up.

“Hey guys! How are you doin’?”-Katei talking to his friends.

“Sup.”- Katei greeting his friends.

“Let’s turn it up to 11!”

“Thanks Hikaosu!!”

“Tschkun can be so boring. He never let’s me turn boring parties…into fun parties!”- Katei being asked about Tschkun.

“Suikun is very nice, but she never really talks to anyone.”- Katei being asked about Suikun.

“Weeeee!!!! Best…roller coaster…EVER!!!! Right Tschkun?”

“Yeah, I’m sure about this.”- Katei about to jump across a giant gap.












Age: 8,000,000,001

Name Origin: Yumi- Means Darkness in Japanese. Masuta- Means Master in Japanese.

Height: 5’11”

Element: Darkness

Fun Fact: This character is a remake of Darknonous (now Zentho).

Species: Dekon (95% ????, 5% Koopa)

Info: He is known for his dark powers and his unknown 95% of his DNA.  He was born from an egg of unknown parents, and remembers them, but won’t tell anyone.  He acts very evil towards most of his family.  He loves anything creepy, scary, or disturbing.  He very much a night owl, usually doing most of his activity at night and even before 6 in the morning.  He is very evil yet mysterious.  He has a dark sense of humor and hates things that are happy, campy, and sweet.  He doesn’t show very much feeling on the outside.  He is a loner.  However, his nature may have to do with his parents and not telling anyone about it.  His tail spikes inject a poison so deadly, it’ll knock anyone unconscious within 2 seconds.  He is very mysterious, barely talking to anyone and talking in a emotionless, quiet, He often lives in basements, and anywhere dark or creepy.  He tends to make scratching noises in the night, and pokes his tail into his prey, which injects a poison.  He is capable of entering others’ dreams, and turning them into never ending nightmares.  He can manipulate the element of Darkness as his main ability.  He is known as: ‘Darkness Master’.  However, there actually isn’t much known about him.  His known relatives are: Hikaosu, Suikun, Tschkun, Katei, and Fuosu. 



Strength: 7/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Speed: 4/10

Ability Power: 10/10

Stamina: 5/10

Quotes: “My sister?   Super happy.”

“Just…leave me alone, ALRIGHT?!”


“Nothing. As blank as this sheet of paper.”


“My parents?….I will not say one word about that.”



“You will never listen, ever.”

“I will never tell anyone, anything.”


“Daddy, who is that?”- Young Yumisuta

“Is Mom okay?”-Young Yumisuta

“Mommy?….Daddy? (sobs)”-Young Yumisuta

“Hello? Anyone there?”-Young Yumisuta








Age: 8,000,000,000

Name Origin: Hikari- Means Light in Japanese. Bosu- Means Boss in Japanese.

Height: 5 in. (0.127m)

Element: Light

Fun Fact: This character is a remake of Lightnosous (Now Zentra).

Species: Fairpine (90% Fairy, 10% Koopa)

Info:  She is known for her healing abilities and kindness.  She is always positive and is very happy overall.  She enjoys doing activities such as: playing, movies, creating, shopping, playgrounds, and singing.  She can be naive at times though.  Despite her happy, energetic nature, she can be very peaceful and emotional at times.  She lives in ‘Fairy Forest’.  She is very much an early bird, waking up before everyone else.  She was born from an egg of unknown parents, and actually doesn’t remember them.  Despite her innocent nature, she can be tough occasionally.  She seems to be childish and happy.  She is known as: “The Master of Light”.  She isn’t strong physically, but is very skilled and agile.  She is very nice, giving people candy as a gift.  She can grant people wishes (Like a genie…).  Her known relatives are: Yumisuta, Suikun, Tschkun, Katei, and Fuosu.  She is also known as: ‘The Leader of the Fairpines.’


Strength: 2/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Speed: 9/10

Ability Power: 10/10

Stamina: 3/10

Quotes: “What you always want isn’t always what you get.”

“My brother is so evil!…Why can’t him and me be friends?”

“Katei, you’re so energetic! I like how adventurous you are!”

“Oh no, are you okay? Here, I’ll heal you.”

“My brother calls me pipsqueak…………I love it!”

“Tschkun is soooo chill!”

“Candy, YAAAAAY!!!”

“My cousin Suikun is very nice, and also is like, always calm.”


“Yay! Big brutor!”-Young Hikaosu

“Wow…funny wight!”-Young Hikaosu








Inteligencia Koops

Full Name: Inteligencia Thomas Koops

Age: 28

Height: 5’02”

Weight: 475.2 lbs.

Eye Color: Golden Yellow

Birth Date: January 19, 1989

IQ: 7,000

Fun Fact: His first name is Intelligence in Spanish.

Info: He has extreme intelligence, with an IQ of 7,000. He is quite serious and talks in a smart way. He is very serious. He has hobbies like reading, learning, and science. When he was born, he was able to say “Mamma” and “Daddy”.  By the time he was 1 month old, he could walk. And when he was 3, he was in 10th grade. He graduated school when he was 8. When he was 12, he earned the title: “Genius Kid”.  As he grew older, he got more nicknames like: “Smartypants”, and “Extraordinary Prodigy”.  He is the brains of his brothers. When he was 15, he lost his parents and became an orphan along with his 2 younger brothers. Scientists suggest that his IQ is 10,000. His intelligence was over the charts when he was 5 (And still is)! His parents named him what he’s named due to his extraordinary intelligence. He can speak 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Egyptian, Turkish, Dutch, and Italian. And is still practicing other languages. He is also very fancy, and has good table manners. He also seems to be caring for his brothers. Others describe him as mysterious and smart. He can memorize things perfectly for over 10 Years.

Mario Olympics (Not Real)

Speed: 4.8/10

Power: 3.7/10

Skill: 9.5/10

Stamina: 7.2/10

Events: Soccer



Abilities: Super Intelligence, Mind Powers

Family: (Unknown Parents), Fuerza (Brother), Velocidad (Brother)


Skills: Mechanics, hacking, reading, (pretty much anything that requires high intelligence)


Super Smash Bros. 5 (Fake)

Unlockable Character

Ranking: A (12th)

HP: 1500

Strength: 1000

Defense: 1400

Speed: 1000

Ability: 2150





Mario Olympics

Koopa Comics

Mario and Luigi: Dimension Adventures

Super Smash Bros. 5




Koopalings and My Little Pony

I’m gonna compare the Koopalings and characters from My Little Pony.




Ludwig- Twilight Sparkle

They are both smart and like reading books.


Lemmy- Pinkie Pie

They are both happy and childish. AND they both like parties and FUN!


Roy- Rainbow Dash

They both are cocky and competitive. They just both have a similar personality. And are both physically strong.


Iggy- Fluttershy

They both like animals. (That is all.)


Wendy- Rarity

They are both girly and overdramatic.



Morton- AppleJack

They are both physically strong.


Larry- Spike

(Roy just fits Rainbow Dash better.)


Bowser Jr.- Diamond Tiara

They are both spoiled.