roy-koopa_Here is what Roy looks like in Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Roy likes the colors pink and purple. He likes acting looking cool.

Height: 6’03”

Age: 17

Birth Date: July 4, 1999

Favorite Koopaling: Ludwig (Closest brother)

Favorite food: Any meat (Likes meat)

Favorite minion: Bullet Bill (Likes using firearms)

Favorite genre(s): action, adventure

Favorite drink: Root Beer

Roy likes to bully mostly his minions and Iggy. However, he does have a sensitive side.

He will act when a situation calls for it. (The trophy of him said he goes from slacker to soldier.) He likes hanging out with Ludwig and sometimes Morton.

Kind of like Iggy, he likes to prank. But, does more mean kind of pranks.

I think he’s cool. B)

Abilities: ground pound, climbing up walls, fire breath, super strength




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